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Dick Knives

Where Quality is not left to chance.

This award winning company produces the highest quality of kitchen knives for the optimal use in accordance with ergonomic requirements, Friedr. Dick is a leading brand worldwide in both Professional and Home sectors. Established in 1778 it now manufacturers and has offices worldwide. You can now buy the Dick Knife range direct from Kitchen knives uk at great prices plus fantastic Customer Support.


Dick 1778 Knives

The core of the knife consists of an ultra-fine layer of high-alloy »Double X VG 12« carbon steel, with an extreme hardness of more than 61° HRC. This makes it exceptionally effective in cutting and prolongs the service life of the edge considerably. This core is embedded in food-safe stainless steel, using a sandwich technique. Plumwood Handle.

Products Include: 12cm Paring Knife | 17cm Santoku Knife | 24cm Chefs Knife


Dick 1905 Knives

A linking of tradition and modernism, with the new edition of a historic design: In 1905 Friedr. Dick developed a series of kitchen knives without the traditional rivets replacing them with eye catching collars. Linking traditional design and modern technologies is the new edition of a classic product for the home or work place. The blade consists of the best approved German stainless steel XcrMoVMn.

Products Include: 12.5cm Serrated Knife | 12cm Herb and Parmesan Knife | 15cm Boning Knife | 15cm Chef's Knife | 15cm Slicer | 15cm Utility Knife | 18cm Carving Knife | 18cm Flexible Fillet Knife | 18cm Santoku Knife and many more.


Dick ActiveCut Knives

The appeal of the forged knives of their ActiveCut series lies in the straight shape of their blade and the seamless handle completely made of plastics. The knife is perfectly balanced and lies comfortably in hand. The double final honing ensures an extreme sharpness. The half-bolter enables to resharpen the whole blade and makes an ideal knife for the Home or Work Place.

Products Include: 15cm Flexible Boning Knife | 18cm Flexible Fillet Knife | 18cm Santoku Knife | 21cm Chefs Knife | 21cm Serrated Bread Knife | 26cm Chefs Knife | 26cm Utility Knife and many more.


Dick Premier Plus Knives

Committed to creative cooking without compromise: carefully forged and balanced with perfectly proportioned handle. The handle and blade are seamlessly connected, offering ideal hygiene and ease of maintenance. The blade is made of high quality alloy X50CrMoV15. This delivers prolonged edge retention, resistance to wear and tear and maximum sharpness.

Products Include:  21.5cm Serrated Slicer | 25.5cm Chefs Knife | 9cm HACCP Paring Knife | 15cm Flexible Boning Knife | 18cm Flexible Fillet Knife | 18cm HACCP Flexible Fillet Knife and many more.


Dick Premier WorldChefs Knives

Premier WORLDCHEFS is the unique composition of a hygienic non-sticking coating and a precious mother of pearl handle. The high quality coating resists materials sticking to the blade and facititates cleaning. Both Friedr. Dick and the World Association of Chefs Societies (WORLDCHEFS) endorse this product. This knife series has been developed in cooperation with F. Dick and WORLDCHEFS specifically for international professional chefs.

Products Include:  15cm Boning Knife | 18cm Santoku Knife | 21.5cm Chefs Knife | 21.5cm Serrated Bread Knife | 25.5cm Chefs Knife | 9cm Paring Knife and many more.


Dick Pro Dynamic Knives

ProDynamic knives are designed for the use in all cooking areas. Their hygienically impeccable handle made of solid plastic and their quality blade make them high-class knives with modern design.

Products Include:  11cm Paring Knife | 11cm Serrated Utility Knife | 11cm Serrated Utility Knife | 12.5cm Boning Knife | 12.5cm Spatula | 16cm Kitchen Fork |and many more.


Dick Red Spirit Knives

Even at first sight, the beholder experiences the inspiration and passion emerging from this knife series. Our Red Spirit knives are designed for uncompromising sharpness. The blades are grinded extremely slim and the cutting edge is polished. The round shaped, Asian-style handle of the knife offers an extraordinary haptic.

Products Include:  18cm Chinese Chopper | 18cm Flexible Fillet Knife18cm Fluted Santoku Knife18cm Usuba Knife | 20cm Carving Fork21.5cm Chefs Knife and many more.

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