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At Kitchen Knife UK are pleased to offer our customers such a wide and varied assortment of great Kitchen Knives, from some of the best known knife manufacturers in the world, you'll find all the popular brands here such as Chef Works | Global | Victorinox | Tsuki | Fred.Dick | Robert Welch and many many more, here at the Kitchen Knife Shop.


Chef Works Knives

Enhanced elegance, superior design. Each blade is made to the highest standards, with one-piece forging of German stainless steel that has been ice-hardened for lasting sharpness. Designed for maximum performance and comfort, the seamless polypropylene (POM) handle fits perfectly to any size hand. NSF approved. Each knife comes with a knife guard to protect yourself and your investment.

Products Include : Boning Knife | Santoku Knife | Chefs Knife | Bread Knife | Carving Knife | Slicer knife | Paring Knife | Serrated Paring Knife


Deglon Sabatier Knives

Made in the Thiers region of France which is renowned for producing world class knives, Deglon Sabatier offer knives with a traditional feel, which offer supreme cutting power and remarkable edge retention Dishwasher safe. A grand classic with head chefs, which still retains undisputed efficiency.. Knife with solid round bolster, comprised of stainless steel blade and black thermoplastic handle assembled with three aluminium rivets.The SABATIER shape (round bolster) is appreciated worldwide both by professionals and astute amateurs.

Products Include: 10cm Chefs Knife | 10cm Paring Knife | 15cm Fillet Knife | 15cm Rigid Boning Knife | 18cm Carving Fork | 19cm Bread Knife | 20.5cm Bread Knife | 23cm Carving Knife and many more.


Dick Knives

Quality is not left to chance

Due to the highest quality and the optimal use in accordance with ergonomic requirements, Friedr. Dick is a leading brand worldwide in the professional sector.

The principles of our quality policy are supported by all company employees and are a part of our company's policy. There are set work assignments and quality control measures arrival of the raw material until the product is delivered.


Genware Knives

Genware knives, The Genware professional chef knife collection consists of a wide choice of knives and accessories available through both Genware and the German Knife manufacturer, Giesser.

Genware black-handled and colour coded range of professional chef knives offer a full tang blade, with razor sharp molybdenum steel blade, which conforms to BS8442-5, giving initial sharpness and cutting edge retention. Larger knives have softgrip handles which give comfortable and positive handling. Knife sets offer a pre-selected range of knives, ideal for chef colleges, students and professional chefs.

Products Include:  10cm paring knife | 10cm Serrated tomato knife | 10cm Vegetable Knife | 11cm Foam Knife White | 13cm Rigid boning knife | 15cm Carving Fork and many more.


Giesser Knives

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of quality knives and accessories for professional use, GIESSER produces more than 8,000 knives daily at its plant in Winnenden, Germany. The broad product range includes 2,500 different forged and stamped knives, as well as accessories for the food service and food processing industries.

GIESSER products feature outstanding materials and first-class workmanship. You'll find just the right tool for your demands.

Products Include:  10cm confectioners spatula | 10cm Vegetable /Paring Knife | 12cm Cranked Flexible Palette Knife | 13cm Rigid Boning | 15cm Flexible Filleting Knife | 15cm Meat Cleaver and many more.


Global Knives

Global knives are made by Yoshikin, Japan, from the finest CROMOVA 18 Stainless Steel, ice tempered and hardened to Rockwell C56°-58°, which remains razor sharp longer than any other steel and resists rust, stains and corrosion, like the Samurai swords before them, each knife is carefully weighted to ensure perfect balance in the hand, hygienically safe-smooth contours and seamless construction eliminates food and dirt traps.

Just as their fine swords lent distinction to the Samurai, Global Knives bring distinction to the chef, whether professional or amateur.


Gustav Emil Ern Knives

Gustav Emil Ern kitchen knives offer chefs a knife with the perfect blend of balance and weight. Expertly crafted in Solingen, Germany "the City of Blades" a city world renowned for producing the best quality professional chef's knives from a single piece of top grade stainless steel to create a knife of lasting quality and strength.

Products Include:  15cm Boning Knife | 15cm Flexible Fillet Knife | 20.5cm Chefs Knife | 25.5cm Chefs Knife | 25.5cm Serrated Slicer | 6cm Turning Knife Riveted Handle and many more.


Hygiplas Knives

Hygiplas Containers Ltd commenced trading in 1978 – over a quarter of a century ago - with a range of dispense containers and racks for the bakery industry. Their Product range has continually expanded  and now includes  Chefs Knives and Accessories. 

Products Include:  10cm Angled Blade Palette Knife | 10cm Serrated Tomato Knife | 10cm Serrated Vegetable Knife | 15.5cm Chefs Knife | 15cm Fillet Knife | 15cm Kitchen Carving Fork and many more.


Kenwood Electric Knives

When Kenneth Wood first founded our company, he cleverly redesigned the electric toaster to allow the user to toast both sides without touching the bread. Three years later in 1950, he completely revolutionized post-war kitchens with the launch of the Kenwood Chef.

Kenwood has revolutionised home cooking and pioneered kitchen automation since Kenneth Wood launched its first product in 1947. Today the company has a presence in over 40 countries and produces over 200 different models.

Products Include:  Kenwood Electric Knife


Olympia Butter Knives

Olympia are producers of some of the most famous cutlery patterns available and cater for almost every dining situation. If you're running a fast paced, non-stop canteen, they have created the affordable Kelso range. For brasseries, they have a selection of traditional styles with a modern twist, such as Clifton or Roma, and for places that only want the best, then Torino, Saphir and Tira are some of the finest examples of stainless steel cutlery available. 

Products Include:  Olympia Butter Knife


Robert Welch Signature Knives

When Robert Welch left the Royal College of Art in 1955, he set up with just his drawing board and a camp bed in a little rented room in a disused workshop in the 18th century Silk Mill at Chipping Campden in the English Cotswold Hills.

He steadily gained a reputation for excellence in both design and manufacture which lead to a constant stream of commissions - both commercial and privately from celebrities and royalty.

Growing up in a world of design and creativity proved an invaluable experience and after Robert’s death in 2000, Alice and Rupert became their father’s natural successors, steering the company’s future direction.

Products Include:  Radford Wedding Knife | 10cm Paring Knife | 16cm Flexible Boning Knife | 18cm Carving Fork | 20cm Chefs Knife | 23cm Carving Knife


Schneider Knives

In 1977 the company "Schneider Silikonpapiere" was founded and transformed in 1983 into "Schneider GmbH", having its headquarters at Albershausen, a small town about 40 km from Stuttgart in the Southwest of Germany.

From the beginning the focus was on baking release paper, siliconised on both sides. It was produced in a previously unknown top quality and introduced at first on the German market. Thanks to long-term entrepreneurial vision and foresight the core business has been continuously extended to pastry bags and a great variety of small equipment made of metal and plastic. At present, the portfolio comprises more than 4,500 items.

Products Include:  12cm Double Sided Palette Knife | 12cm Palette Knife With Wavy Edge | 18cm Cake Knife | 22cm Angled Wave Edge Cake Knife | 36cm Bakers Saw and Straight Edge Knife and many more.


Sunnex Knives

Sunnex Products Limited is a Hong Kong based company specializing in manufacturing of catering and household items since 1972. Sunnex is a member of the Sunbeam group whose history dates back to 1929.

They are a wholly-owned factory in Tai Shan(China): The manufacturing space of Tai Shan Factory has 230,000 square metres. For product development, we have an experienced R&D team supported by competent engineers & machinists, and a well-equipped tool shop.

 Products Include:  Black Handle Cheese Knife | 10cm Serrated Knife | 11cm SuperCut Utility Knife | 15cm Boning Knife | 15cm Fillet Knife | 15cm Pro-Chef III Boning Knife and many more.


TableCraft Knives

Founded in 1946 by Adolf Davis, TableCraft Products Company opened its doors as an import distribution company serving the foodservice industry. By virtue of thier simple mission to offer unmatched service and conscience-driven foodservice innovations, they have since grown significantly to offer well over 3,000 products.

Products Include:  Firm Grip 10cm Mini Chef's Knife | Firm Grip 8cm Paring Knife | Firm Grip Grapefruit Knife and many more.


Tramontina Churraso Knives

More than numbers, what defines Tramontina is the permanent effort to make people's lives better and better. An effort that translates into more than 18 thousand items with distinct purposes and specifications, but with the beliefs and values ​​of a single brand.

Tramontina is recognized as a quality reference in more than 120 countries. Its brand relies on innovation, design, technology and the value of human capital to fulfill a mission that can not be delegated: to generate value to consumers across diverse borders, cultures, times and occasions.

Products Include:  7 Inch BBQ Carving Knife


Tsuki Knives

Tsuki Knives are Manufactured using Japanese VG-10 stainless steel, these stylish kitchen knives feature a core hardened 60° Rockwell rating to ensure a greater cutting performance for longer. To protect against corrosion, two layers of attractive Damask steel cover the stainless steel core. Each layer has been “folded” sixty four times, giving the knives a distinctive “grain”. It is thanks to the high carbon Damascus steel blade that the knives maintain their sharp edge.

The knives’ black mikarta-handles are made from ergonomic composite fabric and resin, which not only provides excellent grip and makes the knives more comfortable to hold, but helps prevent contamination from any bacteria too. With a knife to accommodate any food prep task – from the most delicate and intricate presentation, to the more robust task of boning meat – you can be sure that the Tsuki knife set will be well used.

Products Include:  12.5cm Japanese Santoku Knife | 12.5cm Japanese Utility Knife | 12.5cm Series 8 Utility Knife | 14cm Series 8 Santoku Knife | 16cm Series 8 Cleaver and many more.


Victorinox Knives

With over 130 years’ experience, Victorinox make some of the highest quality knives available.The right tools always make the job at hand more pleasurable, especially in the kitchen. Victorinox put their passion into creating household and professional knives that are ergonomically designed and exceptionally sharp. Whether you use it in your five star restaurant or in your home kitchen, you'll feel like a pro with every slice, dice and chop With a vast range of knives to choose from, this section offers something for the professional chef and the keen amateur alike.

Products Include:  


Vogue Knives

Products Include:  


Wusthof Knives

The name Wüsthof first appeared as a factory in the records of the Duchy of Berg in 1814. It was in that year that the family's ancestor, Abraham Wüsthof, founded his "factory for fine steel wares", which is now known as the Dreizackwerk.

WÜSTHOF is recognised worldwide as a specialist in outstanding knives. They are immensely proud of this reputation, but it also means they have a responsibility towards their employees, suppliers and customers, as well as to society and the environment.

Products Include:  


Pease Note : Kitchen Knife UK is a responsible retailer of Knives, and will only sell and deliver to customers of 18yrs or older.